TEconnect ant-5gw-fpc-lh antenna

Adhesive flexible PCB antennas for 5G New Radio, LTE and cellular IoT

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TEconnect ant-5gw-fpc-lh antenna

Measuring 120 x 20mm, “ANT-5GW-FPC antennas provide a ground plane-independent dipole,” according to the company, which is now part of TE Connectivity. “The flexibility and adhesive backing make the series easier to mount in RF-transparent – for example plastic – enclosures, enabling environmental sealing and protection from antenna damage.”

There are two basic types: ANT-5GW-FPC-V with the cable emerging from one end, and ANT-5GW-FPC-LH (pictured) with the cable emerging from one side.

They are 50Ω linearly-polarised omni-directional half-wave antennas that can handle up to 2W – measured attached to a 2mm thick plastic substrate.

Operation is over 617MHz to 5GHz and -40 to +85°C.

For -LH types:
617 – 698MHz: VSWR ≤1.9, peak gain 5dBi and 76% efficiency
3.3 – 4.2GHz: VSWR ≤1.7, peak gain 6.2dBi and 78% efficiency

For -V types:
617 – 698MHz: VSWR ≤2.6, peak gain 4.6dBi and 64% efficiency
3.3 – 4.2GHz: VSWR ≤1.6, peak gain 6.3dBi and 70% efficiency

Depending on version, the other end of the coaxial tail is un-terminated, or terminated in a U.FL (MHF1) plug, or terminated in a MHF4 plug. Cables are 50, 100, 150 or 200mm long – but not every combination of orientation, cable length and termination is available.

The ANT-5GW-FPC-V product page can be found here, and the ANT-5GW-FPC-H product page here.
Sadly, data sheets and product briefs are not freely available, but have to be requested.



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