Equinix & Hewlett Packard Enterprise Deliver On-Demand Private Cloud - Interconnections - The Equinix Blog

Equinix & Hewlett Packard Enterprise Deliver On-Demand Private Cloud – Interconnections – The Equinix Blog

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Simplify infrastructure management

There are important reasons businesses choose to run their own private cloud environments, but this requires upfront equipment purchases for use in on-premises data centers that IT teams manage, with limited options for scalability.

Currently, HPE customers can use HPE GreenLake at Equinix data centers to build their private clouds; however, the purchase and setup process involves waiting for contracts, cage builds, equipment installation and more, as is typical with an on-premises solution.

Deploying HPE GreenLake Private Cloud Enterprise (PCE) or Private Cloud Business Edition (PCBE) at Equinix helps businesses expand their hybrid multicloud strategies while providing greater agility, visibility, control, and predictability of workload costs and data. Doing so also reduces time to value for businesses and makes it easier to scale, since there’s no need to expand their existing data center footprint. This solution also allows customers to have their data and IT services managed by a trusted third party, while still maintaining control. Taking a hybrid multicloud approach helps businesses balance the right mix of on-premises and off-premises private cloud experiences.

HPE’s managed services include cage design, best-fit technology, maintenance and lifecycle management, in addition to working closely with customers to simplify IT management via a comprehensive data center, networking, security and cloud solution.

Initially, customers can order HPE Private Cloud Enterprise at Equinix through the HPE portal for deployment in the following metro areas: Washington, D.C., Silicon Valley, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Singapore and Sydney. Private Cloud Business Edition will be available initially in Toronto.

HPE GreenLake with Equinix in key metros around the world, featuring pre-deployed capacity in seven strategic locations.

Deploying digital infrastructure at a carrier-neutral colocation facility like Equinix offers flexibility and introduces opportunities to tap into digital services such as Equinix Fabric® software-defined interconnection, Equinix Metal® automated Bare Metal as a Service and Network Edge virtual networking services. In the Equinix 2023 Global Tech Trends Survey (GTTS), half of IT decision-makers reported increased carrier-neutral colocation spending in 2022 relative to 2021.

Businesses can easily access additional capacity when needed instead of overprovisioning or overpaying for infrastructure. With the cloud, data center and networking services available at Equinix, businesses gain simplicity, cost savings, security and sustainability.

Achieve sustainability targets

Equinix and HPE share a long-standing commitment to corporate sustainability and helping customers advance their own sustainability objectives. In the GTTS, 69% of tech leaders reported that sustainability is now one of their organization’s most important drivers.

Leveraging HPE GreenLake at Equinix IBX data centers helps customers make progress on their sustainability commitments through energy-efficient data center operations, power-conserving technologies and sustainability achievements. Examples include:

  • Precise provisioning, which reduces unnecessary equipment usage
  • Efficient power and cooling measures at Equinix IBX data centers
  • A commitment to renewable energy, including 96% renewable energy coverage across Equinix’s global operations in 2022—our furthest progress so far toward our goal of 100% coverage by 2030
  • Use of the latest HPE technologies, which typically consume 30% less power

Expand your reach to ecosystem partners

In addition to managing costs and optimizing performance by deploying HPE GreenLake Private Cloud Enterprise and Private Cloud Business Edition at Equinix, enterprises can connect with 3,000+ cloud and IT service providers, 2,100+ network service providers, and other customers and partners in our digital ecosystems.

Read our Speed Transformation Sustainably solution brief to learn more about reducing your organization’s data management footprint with HPE GreenLake at Equinix.

Check out the HPE press release and blog.


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