GTI 3.0: The next phase

GTI 3.0: The next phase

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PARTNER FEATURE: The GTI unveiled a four-point action plan to drive the organisation forward amid rapid change across the mobile ecosystem as well as macroeconomic challenges, with GTI 3.0’s mission aimed at continuing global cooperation toward greater commercial success.

Speaking at the GTI Summit at MWC23 Barcelona, GTI chairman Craig Ehrlich explained the drivers of the new focus: “We wanted to project out and see where is the future for us as a platform and as an organisation to help small operators as well as big operators on a global basis.”

He added these are based on the priorities it has been promoting and experiencing over the last six years, since announcing GTI 2.0.

Action plan:

  1. Enhance cross-organisational cooperation
  2. Enhance integration across digital areas and collaboration with verticals
  3. Promote solutions and commercial practices for services and monetisation
  4. Promote innovative solutions for low-carbon and sustainable development

To drive its new mission to continue global cooperation toward great commercial success, specific areas of interest include: intelligent, efficient and green 5G-Advanced tech and products; integration of DICT to support next-gen digital infrastructure; and 5G monetisation and value creation.

Ehrlich noted at the GTI’s next conference in Shanghai during MWC23 Shanghai it will add more details to each of the action items, behind each of those items. “These are the things that the committee that runs GTI is thinking through over the next few months, and we will put a lot more specifics into it in our Shanghai conference.”

The GTI was founded in 2011 by Bharti Airtel, China Mobile, Sprint (Clearwire), SoftBank Mobile and Vodafone. It now has 396 members.

GTI 2.0 was officially launched in 2016 with the aim to further promote 4G evolution, 5G development and cross-industry innovation.

Milestones include the successful convergence of LTE TDD and FDD, aiding the commercial deployment of TD-LTE, as well as accelerating the 5G unified standard, end-to-end ecosystem and 5G cross-industry innovation.



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