High-power E-band transceiver for 5G xHaul

High-power E-band transceiver for 5G xHaul

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Filtronic has announced an E-band transceiver for carrier-grade 5G back-haul, mid-haul and front-haul, together known as xHaul.

Called Morpheus X2 and designed to work at 71 – 76GHz and 81 – 86GHz, it offers +23dBm linear transmit power, 3dB higher than the company’s earlier Morpheus II product, from the same 90 x 80mm footprint.

“This higher power level enables longer link lengths when the modules are used in all types of mmWave xHaul applications,” according to the company. “The reconfigurable architecture provides an ideal platform from which to develop ultra high capacity payloads and ground systems for LEO satellite constellations and ‘HAPS’ [high altitude platform systems].”

Receiver noise figure is typically 7 – 8dB, or there is a 4.5 – 5.5dB noise figure version specialised applications.

The transceiver modules are manufactured at Filtronic assembly facility in Sedgefield County Durham.

“Our in-house design experience, combined with our control over the manufacturing process, has enabled us to match the transceiver interfaces with the integrated diplexer. This has allowed us to optimise RF when compared to packaged device architectures,” said business development director Dan Rhodes.

Filtronic is exhibiting on Stand C26b this week at European Microwave Week in Milan.


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