KT targets private 5G market with AI control system

KT targets private 5G market with AI control system

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South Korean operator KT developed and commercialised what is called an intelligent control system, to improve the operational efficiency of 5G infrastructure by combining AI technology with its network know-how.

KT stated the platform is designed to detect abnormalities in network operations by comparing and analysing data generated by equipment with historical information in real time, enabling customers to respond before service quality deteriorates.

The platform displays the status of the entire network, covering access and core equipment.

Lee Jong-sik, executive director of KT Convergence Technology Institute’s Infrastructure DX Research Centre, expects the intelligent control system to simplify network operations and help drive demand for private 5G infrastructure.

The system is deployed at four institutions running 5G networks: Bundang Seoul National University Hospital; Samsung Seoul Hospital; Korea Aerospace Industries; and the Navy headquarters.



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