Picocom O-RAN baseband processor in 4G+5G small cell unit

Picocom O-RAN baseband processor in 4G+5G small cell unit

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Picocom, the 5G Open RAN baseband semiconductor and software specialist, and Kiwi Communications Technology (KiwiCT) are showcasing the first fully functional 4G+5G dual mode small cell product at MWC Shanghai 2023. The DYND-6100 small cell unit, designed by KiwiCT, is powered by Picocom’s PC802 PHY SoC for 5GNR/LTE small cells.

Oliver Davies, Picocom VP Marketing, said: “Just a few months ago at MWC Barcelona we demonstrated the dual mode capability of Picocom’s PC802. Here at MWC Shanghai we are delighted to show the industry’s first fully functional 4G+5G dual mode small cell with our customer KiwiCT.”

Ker Zhang, KiwiCT Vice President, said: “We are pleased with the specification and functionality of Picocom’s silicon and software. That, combined with the company’s strong team and design ethos, has enabled KiwiCT to develop its Picocom powered small cell products rapidly. We are delighted to jointly showcase our 4G+5G DYND-6100 small cell at MWC Shanghai. We will continue to work in close partnership with Picocom as we bring our DYND-6100 small cell product to volume production in Q3 2023.”

The joint end-to-end dual mode small cell demonstration features KiwiCT’s 4G+5G DYND-6100, powered by Picocom’s PC802 PHY SoC, connected to multiple commercial mobile phones, with transmission throughput rates being monitored live via analytics software running on the phones.

The Picocom PC802 is shipping in mass production quantities with mature software for distributed units, radio units, and integrated small cells. PC802 supports 4G LTE and 5G NR and can run them concurrently on the same device.

Picocom and KiwiCT are at MWC Shanghai 2023 in N2 – Executive Meeting Room EMR06. To arrange a meeting demo with Picocom and/or KiwiCT at MWCS, email MWC_Shanghai@picocom.com.

For more information on Picocom’s PC802 5G small cell SoC, visit picocom.com/products/socs/


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