Samsung Networks Innovation Center Opens its Doors, Offering a Close Look at Advanced Network Connectivity

Samsung Networks Innovation Center Opens its Doors, Offering a Close Look at Advanced Network Connectivity

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 Samsung’s new executive briefing center dedicated to networks technology opens in Plano, TX, providing customers and partners a collaborative space to experience the latest in mobile network innovations

Samsung today announced the opening of its new executive briefing center—the Samsung Networks Innovation Center—located at its Plano, TX, headquarters. Built to provide an interactive and collaborative space for Samsung’s customers and partners, the facility showcases the company’s latest network offerings and educates visitors on a wide range of advanced network technologies.

The new briefing center is dedicated to providing visitors with a chance to experience Samsung’s networks products up close. After launching a briefing center in 2018 that explored 5G use cases for the manufacturing industry, this new space includes interactive use cases that demonstrate how Samsung’s solutions can solve the most pressing network challenges, with a focus on technologies that are of interest to mobile operators and enterprises: Virtualized Radio Access Networks (vRAN), Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), and Private Networks. These demos showcase Samsung’s advanced 5G network solutions and their role in supporting next-generation applications and services.

The facility also supports hands-on collaboration among our partners and customers, including a dedicated on-site testing lab to work together on new network innovations and solutions. Additionally, in-depth videos illustrate Samsung Networks’ history of innovation, virtualized Core (vCore) solutions, and Network Services—and a Radio Access Network (RAN) wall showcases various products from our pioneering indoor and outdoor network solutions.



Bringing Advanced Networks to Life

The Samsung Networks Innovation Center is a culmination of the company’s 40-year journey from challenger to global networks leader, reinforcing our commitment to investing in the rapidly changing U.S. market. The Samsung Networks business was established in the U.S. in 1999 and has since delivered on many commercial network deployment firsts—from 3G to 4G and now 5G—across a range of customers, from Tier 1 mobile operators to cable companies to enterprises.

For the opening of the Innovation Center, we sought inspiration by looking at the top challenges today’s mobile operators and businesses face, and designed use case demonstrations to show how they can be solved. This resulted in the creation of a space that is an extension of our lab, providing our customers and partners a place to visit, collaborate and share the latest network technologies as we look to advance 5G applications.


Our demo on vRAN technology gives visitors a close look at how virtualized networks offer operators key advantages—such as increased network flexibility, efficiency, and optimization–letting visitors explore different aspects of a vRAN. In another use case demo, visitors get an opportunity to use an active 5G network to see various scenarios of network technologies powering FWA, which enables access to wireless broadband services.

The Innovation Center also provides a view into how private 5G networks can drive new operational efficiencies and business opportunities through lower latency, enhanced coverage, and greater security than alternative networks. This demo lets visitors partake in a digital twin AR experience within an industrial workplace, including interaction with a digitized version of a physical turbine engine to view parts virtually and diagnose issues.


The new Samsung Networks Innovation Center and its use case demos build upon the company’s extensive experience in network technology, reflecting its continued investment in next-generation innovations that can help consumers and businesses today. As a dynamic space that evolves with the latest advancements, this new executive briefing center will continue to grow as a collaborative space for Samsung’s customers and partners, expanding the boundaries of what is possible with advanced network technology.

By Christine Nelson, Senior Manager, Samsung Networks Business


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