SKT customises 5G plans for diverse user base

SKT customises 5G plans for diverse user base

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SK Telecom (SKT) unveiled plans to offer a wider range of 5G plans following a review of the usage patterns of various age groups.

It prepared a range of plans tailored for older and younger users, with packages designed to lure customers using less than 100GB of data per month.

Packages for older users are segmented, with an 8GB offer for those aged 80 and over priced KRW42,000 ($32.44), with a larger allowance for those in their 60s and 70s.

It detailed plans to boost the data offered to users aged 34 and under, with the updated package offering 50 per cent more data than its regular tariffs. Pricing ranges from KRW43,000 for 60GB a month to KRW99,000 for 100GB.

The company also will give regular subscribers the option to add to existing plans when they exceed their monthly data allotments, with prices ranging from KRW3,000 to KRW9,000.



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