A Quick-Start Guide to Resilient Digital Infrastructure - Interconnections - The Equinix Blog

A Quick-Start Guide to Resilient Digital Infrastructure – Interconnections – The Equinix Blog

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Business continuity: An overall strategy for minimizing downtime and ensuring that essential business functions continue in spite of disruption. A business continuity plan must account for both planned outages due to scheduled maintenance and upgrades and unplanned outages caused by emergencies and natural disasters.

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Disaster recovery: The subset of business continuity that deals specifically with unplanned outages, and how to get IT systems back online as quickly as possible in the aftermath of such an outage.

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High availability: Another subset of business continuity. While disaster recovery is about getting systems back online as quickly as possible after an unplanned outage, high availability is about protecting systems against threats while they’re still running, so that there is no outage in the first place.

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Redundancy: The duplication of IT infrastructure components across locations and/or service providers. Establishing redundancy is a key aspect of any business continuity strategy.

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Resilience: The end goal of any business continuity plan. Your infrastructure is resilient when unplanned downtime is rare, and you can minimize disruption even when it does occur.

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How Equinix helps customers meet their business continuity goals

Read these case studies to learn how Equinix helped real customers achieve resilient infrastructure and minimize system downtime, in addition to other business benefits.

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